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Universal Dynamics is a metaphysical technology that you can experience at any moment in time. Experience this phenomenon by selecting an object in your environment. When you acknowledged the object did you exercise your knowledge? Could you write a few words or paragraph on the object that you selected? Universal Dynamics states that what you declare about an object is what you know about it. How well you articulate the properties of the object defines the level of knowledge you have of it. Take a few moments and write about the object you selected.

Universal Dynamics empowers you, the Thinker, to discover your environment by focusing on an object and its properties. To better grasp this model we need to understand the following concepts.

What is an Object?

An object is a container and transmitter of knowledge. It is a person, place, or thing; conceptual or physical. In grammar it is declared as a noun.

  • Do these observations correspond with the object that you selected earlier?

What is Technology?

Technology is the action that binds object properties into a functional whole. Actions are the functional properties of objects and are declared in grammar as verbs. Verbs describe techniques, therefore a verb declares a technology. To experience this phenomenon, select any verb. Does your verb describe a technique?

  • How many verbs can you declare that are associated with the object you selected earlier?

What is Client – Server Technology?

All objects transmit Client-Server technology. Client-Server technology identifies the relationship of the sender and receiver of knowledge. Clients are the receivers of knowledge while servers are the senders of knowledge.

Technology binds clients to servers. Servers provide needed information. Information becomes knowledge. Knowledge becomes expertise. Expertise becomes power!

What is an Object Property?

An object property is any name (conceptual), action (functional), or attribute (physical) that is related to an object. In grammar physical properties are declared as adjectives. The constant properties of physical objects as defined by Gestalt psychologists are:

  • Size
  • Colour
  • Distance
  • Shape
  • Texture
  • Location

Can you describe the constant properties of the object you selected earlier?


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