ONE is Enlightenment; the eastern crown of transcendental meditation. The I Ching or Book of Changes reveals ONE, the cosmic wisdom and harmony of Yin and Yang. Listen in silence to the witness within and the whisper of testimony; I AM the creation of Energy, the fusion of masculine and feminine, positive and negative; I AM.

Being is ONE, from conception to birth, birth to breath, breath to consciousness, consciousness to death, death to rebirth, rebirth to rebirth; Being is the experienced vortex of lightness and darkness and color and shadow. Being’s metaphysical properties include Time, Space, Energy, Knowledge, and Truth. Being knows Time is Eternal, Space is Body, Energy is Source, Knowledge is Mind, and Truth is Absolute.

Being is Breath; an ancient story is told of a Zen Master who taught the art of meditation and the eternal cycle of breath and release. One day a disciple had monkey mind during Kinhin – Walking Meditation and openly expressed his feelings of boredom. Upon hearing the disciple’s affirmation the master immediately summoned him before a basin and proceeded to hold his head underwater. The disciple struggled and when allowed to surface was asked “are you bored?”

One is Problematic; the western root of “matter” and “material cause”. One germinated on the fertile shores of Greece with Thales of Miletus who declared, “All things are made of water”. Anaximander followed and derived One from a non-perceptible substance called the apeiron (“unlimited”). The “unlimited” sprouted the stem of “unity and separation” of contrasting qualities such as hot and cold, wet and dry and symbolize the primitive unity of phenomena. Anaximenes followed his predecessors’ and substituted One as aer (“mist,” “vapour,” “air”)

Heracleitus of Ephesus nourished in thought believed the reality of One was evident, “It is wise to hearken, not to me, but to my Word and to confess that all things are One.” Heracleitus synthesized “All is Change” for One is in a “state of flux” and the conflict tension of opposites is essential to the existence of One. Heracleitus proclaimed “fire” as the material principle of an orderly universe and declared the world order as an “ever-living fire kindling in measures and being extinguished in measures”. Then Parmenides of Elea, the father of idealism, whispered in verse; “Being IS” and synthesized “All is ONE.”

Heracleitus’ “All is Change” (“Motion”) and Parmenides’ “All is ONE” (“State”) are the cornerstones and synthesis of the Primary Principle of Metaphysics, “the Principle of Contradiction, Being is a State of Change.”


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