Universal Dynamics postulates the ancient knowledge and wisdom that all things visible and invisible are connected to a Singular Sacred Source. In perennial philosophy and pure metaphysics this Singular Sacred Source is known as the UNIVERSAL. In the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius he hypothesizes, “either all things come from a single rational source and combine together in a coherent whole… or there are only atoms a formless disintegrating mass.”


The internal quest in search of the UNIVERSAL is the birthright and heroic journey of everyone who seeks Meaning, Purpose, and Truth. The UNIVERSAL is the eternal/internal source and divine consciousness of the absolute embodiment of Goodness, Beauty, and Truth.

The UNIVERSAL flows in the continuum of past, present and future and experienced in the consciousness stream of NOW. The UNIVERSAL  is superlatively expressed in the complex form know as ONE and bravely articulated throughout the history of consciousness in all spiritual and metaphysical thought and systems. Like Pacific salmon returning up steam to spawn, the quest to return to the UNIVERSAL is innate and manifested in ONE.

ONE is the unique and individual journey of self-discovery and transcendence. Socrates, the father of western philosophy declared, “Know thyself; for the unexamined life is not worth living,” and in turn centuries later Carl Jung acknowledged, “To know yourself is most terrifying.”

Now take a moment of Zen. Relax and take a deep breath, release, make a circle in the blue sky and point your finger in the middle of the sphere. This is your starting point to a continuing journey. It is in this spirit of getting to know your true and inner self; your Oneness with the universe that we welcome you on the path of enlightenment with metaphysical wisdom and spiritual healing.


The MODEL serves as a metaphysical technology in the exploration and discovery of the substance, essence, and form of concepts, thoughts and consciousness. The revelation of a metapattern (a pattern of patterns) emerges and the acknowledgment of the expression and synthesis of ONE in all things visible and invisible becomes apparent.

The MODEL serves as a schematic for perception and analysis. When applied the MODEL becomes transparent and serves the vertical and horizontal, the micro and macro, and reveals the metapattern of Eastern Harmony 0, 1 and Western Dynamics x, y, z. The MODEL remains constant while degrees and weight of individual energy, perspective, and judgement differ. The MODEL provides consciousness with the potential and ability to deconstruct and reconstruct the construct of ONE.

The Eastern Principle asserts the premise “everything begins and ends with energy” and the Western Principle states the proposition “All knowledge is contained in a single concept and all concepts have conceptual, functional, and physical properties.” In Bertrand Russell’s Outline of Philosophy he suggests, “It is not important to be able to create energy; what is important is to be able to direct energy into this or that channel.”


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