Ralph Nader: Democrats Ushered in an Era of Corporate Fascism


My name is Glennford Roberts, and I am a metaphysician and an idealist. My metaphysics renders my state of Being conscious to the UNIVERSAL and the absolute truth, beauty, and goodness of ONE. Knowledge of the UNIVERSAL provides the opportunity to write on universals such as change, dignity, equality, and Love for Others. I do not apologize for my idealism for the simple reason there are so few of us. I am not overly interested in the debate of particulars. I am well aware we are never going to achieve the ideal of paradise on earth. My purpose is to teach the UNIVERSAL and transcendental truth of ONE. If interested, please take the time and effort to review and study the posts on the Metaphysics of Politics I hope that you find your metaphysics and the truth, beauty, and goodness in Others. Peace, Love and Happiness

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