Universe Arising from Vibrations of Consciousness


A Perennial Gardener and Philosopher, My experience is Universal Consciousness.

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2 comments on “Universe Arising from Vibrations of Consciousness
  1. shajanm says:

    Thank you for sharing the link. What is the nature of fundamental reality? Mind or Matter? Assuming matter as fundamental is more easy, though it leads to the denial of consciousness itself (Consciousness is nothing but a chemical fire inside the brain!), which is obviously a preposterous conclusion.

    But then I am equally troubled by the question, what exactly is consciousness?


    • Glen Roberts says:

      Hi I will answer you question with the comment on made on Youtube in the channel that this video is posted.

      Thank you sister for a most thoughtful presentation on God and consciousness. After many years of study and research the Universe has brought me to Vedanta Philosophy including Swami Vivekananda teachings. For most of my life I identified myself as a Christian who exercised Christ Consciousness, but found little consciousness in the church. The current construct of poverty and greed has been exacerbated and validated by all religions. Religion are belief systems that in general require you do things that are contrary to a person consciousness.
      I was quite surprised when I did a search at http://www.biblegateway.com and learned that the word consciousness does not even appear in most versions.
      So the Question is Who AM I , I am Pure Consciousness a manifestation and witness of the Universe. Namaste.

      To Add I would say that God or the concept of God (the Devine) has no form or symbol that can use to adequately describe the true nature or properties of the Divine. With form comes boundaries. Pure Consciousness has no boundaries. I will reply to the best of my abailites if you have any other questions. Namaste.


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